Remember Your Uni is a unique organisation focussed on growing the legacy giving market for universities. We are here to help universities tap into the phenomenal warmth and regard both their alumni and local communities have for them, to help facilitate legacy giving to help the great work they do and to help current and future students.

In 30 years we have seen the charity sector grow legacy donations from just £500,000 per year to over £2,800,000,000 per annum. Yet, as of today, most universities are lagging terribly behind, on average only receiving one legacy donation a year. 

But why? When asked, 78% of graduates said they would gladly leave something in their Will to help their old college give others the opportunities that they were lucky enough to experience. So it is not lack of desire to give a philanthropic legacy; we are the professionals who can help you unlock that potential


University is not just a time of academic learning; it is where many of us first live away from home, first experience independence. Where we learn to love, learn to look after ourselves, experiment, laugh, cry, agonise and play. Our memories of university are intense and stay with us for the rest of our lives. Why wouldn’t we want to repay some of what we have been given and secure those experiences for future generations? 

At Remember Your Uni our aim is to make it normal for alumni to remember their university in their Will. We work with universities to promote the concept of legacy donations in general, but more than that, we can help you design, develop and implement brilliant legacy markeing strategies that will release the latent generosity in your alumni.

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